5 Tips For The Sober Curious

I played with the idea of sobriety for years, even experimenting in short spurts. I knew the lessons I needed to learn, but it took me years to commit to learning them. Since I announced to the world my sobriety so recently, I've gotten an outpouring of love. A few people have shared that they too are considering sobriety, or struggle with similar issues as I do. I wanted to get everything about my experience and what I've learned down in hopes that my testament and advice can help others make the decision to be sober.

A Moment 23 Years in the Making

"I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing nor would I be half the woman I am today without your constant encouragement, love, jokes, and memories. You are the muses who have made me fall in love with humanity. You are the art pieces of the universe that I will consistently nurture and love until my last breath."