Two Fish

I couldn’t breath today, Knowing I’d break your heart today. And if I’m being honest, I’d say, I broke my own heart this way. I don’t want to lose you, And the way you make me feel. Something’s just not right, Your heart’s not mine to steal. Maybe I’m making a mistake, By telling you … Continue reading Two Fish

5 Tips For The Sober Curious

I played with the idea of sobriety for years, even experimenting in short spurts. I knew the lessons I needed to learn, but it took me years to commit to learning them. Since I announced to the world my sobriety so recently, I've gotten an outpouring of love. A few people have shared that they too are considering sobriety, or struggle with similar issues as I do. I wanted to get everything about my experience and what I've learned down in hopes that my testament and advice can help others make the decision to be sober.