Thunder Cracks Inside My Chest

Thunder cracks inside my chest
So much to do, no time to rest
Stormy skies, a fever dream
Nothing is as it would seem

Today’s not real like yesterday was
Fish swim in the sky like lightening does
I tell you, I know that I know
But right now, I don’t know that I know

Strange things these hearts of ours
Wild animals kept in a zoo cage
It’s a new age
And still no one knows why the hell they do what they do

I’m not afraid of the storm
Drowns out my own thoughts
Too tired to perform
Try to understand the plot

Who is the antagonist
Has it always been myself?
Poisoning my brain since the ripe age of twelve

Love is not the answer
It may not exist at all
Always seeking absolution
Missing out on the constitution

Of love, of love
It’s all for love
There’s not a thing
It can’t rise above

Except for maybe my own fears
So I’ll drown ‘em out with a couple beers

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