Until I Find The Light

Only flesh and bones
Living in a dream
I get so cold
Like you wouldn’t believe

The world is heavy
With your stares
I choke down tears
Say I don’t care

My body is my home
But it’s full of locked doors
Don’t know who I am
Till I crumble to the floor 

I put on a smile
Like I put on lipstick
Convince me I’m fine
Collapsing brick by brick 

I’d know if I’m dead
But I don’t feel alive
What I once loved
Collects dust in the archives

I stare up at the clouds
And feel like I’m drowning
Can’t get to the surface
Always discounting 

Which reality is real?
Popcorn ceilings know my secrets
I just hope that they can keep it
And don’t tell me that it’s weakness 

Do you smell the stench of rot?
It’s coming from inside
An empty corpse beneath the surface
Hidden behind my eyes 

Nothing ever lasts
It’s a carnival ride
This moment will never end
Learn to take it in stride

Swim in mist-lit skies
Until I find the light
Against the tide, against the tide
The endless war I fight 

Hear me as I yell in silence
Of course you can relate
Cause we are only humans
Drowning in self hate

Tell me I’m dramatic
But I feel like I’m awake
This hollowed, cynic in the mirror
Will be asleep by daybreak 

Of course you can relate
Of course you can relate

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