The Ingredients of My Soul

 The ingredients of my soul, you ask?
 White gossamer curtains over an open window,
 A silent wonderland a dawn after snow.

 The way the wind blows and lights up the trees,
 It’s as if the leaves dance just for little old me. 
Music of any sort, it makes my soul come alive,
Dancing and jumping about helps me survive. 

Lying flat on my back and looking straight up,
Do you too feel the freedom from all you’re unsure of?
Time spent with my family, a babble of voices,
All my favorite things? There’s so many choices!  

A movie night in, I’m lost in the story,
The occasional cry for the things that make me sorry.
A warm spring day, and summer and autumn too,
Saying I love you to the ones that I do.  

I’m in love with all the details, minute and not normally noticed:
A bird’s flight, a warm smile, how peaceful my own shadow is. 

When I’m happy, I will show it, and when I’m sad there won’t be question,
But I hope you’ll see that deep deep down, I’m one you can invest in.  
As a girl that loves so deeply, all I ask in turn,
Is to take pity on my journey and love me in return. 
I’m not perfect dear friends, and of this I’m harshly aware. 
And trust me, the weight of your critique is often hard to bear.  
But I promise you this, if you don’t give up,
You’ll become a part of these ingredients that make me up.  

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