Who am I?

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog site. Young and Bold is my personal creative writing blog. This blog originally started as a means to share travel related experiences and the sorts when I was 23 years old and bought a one-way ticket to Prague. I’m 25 now, seasoned you might say, and back in Atlanta in quite a different setting. As I’ve evolved, so has the purpose of this blog.  Young and Bold is for the young at heart, even if not in age, and the courageous in spirit. On this site, you’ll find an array of musings: creative writing, social commentary, entertainment reviews, travel blogs, etc. because life is too short to be focused on one thing.

A few things to know about me; I’m a New Yorker turned Georgia peach, I’m a lefty, a bit of a romantic, and an ally and revolutionist for all (LGBTQIA/all races/all religions/all sexes and identities.) There’s a new version of AJ everyday, thus don’t be surprised what you might find on this space.

After graduating college in May, I quit my job six months after realizing that fulfillment for me meant traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people, and most importantly, learning and spreading perspective and love around the world. With a massive pile of debt hanging over my head, I bought a one-way ticket to Prague where I became certified in TEFL, and then ended up living in Berlin as an English teacher.

Debt, self-doubt, and fear of failure were a part of my adventure then and a part of my adventure now being back in Atlanta. But, that’s what makes the essence of Young and Bold so beautifully authentic and relatable. Young and Bold is our space to connect and share adventures, big and small, in a realistic and humbling way.

I hope that through Young and Bold we are able to bridge the gaps that separate us, and lean into what unites us. Learn with me, experience with me, and enjoy with me. Be young at heart, be bold—even when you are afraid—and step into your power.


AJ Traver

Young and Bold