Who am I?

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog site. Young and Bold is my personal lifestyle and travel blog. My name is AJ, I am an upstate New York farm girl turned GA Peach and I am 23 years old. After graduating college in May, I quit my job 6 months after realizing that fulfillment for me meant traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people, and most importantly, learning and spreading perspective and love around the world.

With a massive pile of debt hanging over my head and my own self-doubts to deal with, I contemplated how to pull this off and share it with others. I’m not the kind of person to put myself out there. I have self-doubt, I crave comfort and stability and I freak out in the face of change. But, that’s why I need to do this. Young and Bold is my outlet to share my adventures with you in a realistic way. I have next to no money, I don’t have a travel partner, I don’t have a professional photographer to take exotic photos of me and I don’t have the self-confidence or perfect ass for bikini-clad photos in Tahiti somewhere. What I do have is a passion, a strong desire to challenge myself, and a chance to experience the simplistic beauties of humanity.

I hope that through Young and Bold you are able to join me on my adventures. Learn with me, experience with me, and enjoy with me. Be young, be bold, even when you think you can’t. Here’s to seeing where life takes us!


AJ Traver

Young and Bold